Task Force Working Groups

Quality of Life

The Quality of Life working group will identify quality of life considerations that need to be incorporated into future infrastructure projects. It will also identify infrastructure projects needed to maintain or improve quality of life in Berkeley. The focus of this group is community outreach, well-being, equity, parks, community resiliency, and disaster preparedness.


The Environment working group will develop holistic solutions for environmental challenges. The focus areas include biodiversity, resilience, sea level rise, water resources, zero waste, green infrastructure, watershed management, climate change (temperature, watershed, biosphere, fire impacts), stormwater management, heat island effects, air quality and earthquakes.


The Technology working group will identify technology trends and develop scenarios to guide Berkeley’s infrastructure planning. This group will research emerging technologies for transportation, energy, IT, buildings and water.


The Finance working group will develop strategies to meet financial challenges with innovative and cost effective financing options for building the infrastructure of the future. The focus areas include Berkeley’s existing financial resources, capital financing plans, new revenue sources, public-private partnerships, and best practices for long-range fiscal accountability management projects.